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Industry 4.0 And Automation: How The Future Will Look!

Industry 4.0 And Automation: How The Future Will Look!

Advancements for TEI meant going through the evolution of the computer, the birth of the IoT, the birth of mobile phones, robotic assembly integration and networks to control it all. What about those giant industries that are also the part of these advancements and are silently shaping our economy?

Industries have outgrown a lot since past few years taking us more toward the new era of revolution that is marked by the connected devices, robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence.  Today, the way we produce products is completely different, all because of digitization. The transitions are so compelling that they are now called industry 4.0- the fourth revolution in manufacturing.

With the most basic revolution of water and steam production to the second revolution of mass production and assembly lines through electricity to the third revolution in amalgamation with the fourth, will work in the world of automation fueled by the data and machine learning.

The Concept Behind 4.0:

Industry 4.0 is an ecosystem of industrial machinery, automated robots, internet, sensors, and machine learning technology. The industry of 4.0 has machines that have embedded sensors, and are also connected to the other devices of the industry. These machines are then controlled by robots offering better quality at affordable prices.

Even though some consider 4.0 is a buzz, there are major shifts in the industry that deserve everyone’s attention, here are some.

The Industry Will Optimize The Computer Industry:

In the 4.0, computers are connected and have the ability to communicate with each other. They can even make decisions without the help of human’s. The amalgamation of the Internet of things, cyber-physical system, and the Internet of Systems make 4.0 possible.

As a result, the machines become smart and keep getting access to more data. Factories are now more productive, efficient and less wasteful. Industries are now digitally connected to share and create information that showcases the true power of industry 4.0.

Applications Of Industry 4.0: Industry 4.0 is used in various applications like:

Identifying opportunities: 4.0 allow manufacturers to optimize operations quickly by using data from the sensors. It will help in managing as well as analyzing data to offer high performance, inform maintenance and other issues in a specific time frame.

Autonomous equipment vehicles: Vehicles like shipping cranes, trucks and other automatic yards are used to streamline the shipping operations.

Optimizing logistics and supply chains:  A connected supply chain helps in adjusting and managing the new information. For instance, if there’s any delay in the shipment, the connected devices will adjust to the time frame and will also prioritize the manufacturing modifications.

3D modeling: From using the prototype to the actual production of the devices, the 3D printing or modeling has now become more than just a prototype of the production.

Cloud devices and IoT: IoT and cloud computing helps in determining the location of the data, the type of equipment and operations that can be optimized by leveraging the insights of equipment. It will also help other small enterprises to access technology with ease.

Industry 4.0 is still in the evolving phase, with many other industries using it to take on the major work responsibilities!